a banner showing the bark of the Persian Ironwood tree

The Trees of Victoria Project


This project, the web design, graphics and photograpths were created by James Clowater M.Sc..

volunteering for the "Trees of Victoria" project

Trees of Victoria welcomes those who wish to volunteer their time and skills to help move this initiative on to completion. Please contact me if you would like to help with the project. I am looking for volunteers to help in the following ways:

  1. Locate documented Heritage trees
  2. Those volunteering for this work must have available the following equipment: a cell phone with the free GPS application installed, a camera (cell phone acceptable), a computer to enter the data into an Excel spreadsheet.

    • Confirm location and record GPS coordinates of trees.
    • Measure circumference of trees.
    • Photograph the trees and tree identification characteristics.
    • Record collected data in MS Excel.

  3. GIS and database management
  4. Some knowledge of Global Information Systems (GIS) and FME software would be helpful but not necessary. In order to work independantly you will need your own computer.

    • Import Excel data into ArcGIS.
    • Transform ArcGIS files using FME into KML files to plot in Google Maps.
    • Proof location data.
    • Create maps of tree data as required.

  5. Web site design
  6. Knowledge of web site design in XHTML and CSS is required. You will need your own computer.

    • Update and proof web site pages.
    • Improve web site design for mobile applications.
    • Develop a "Trees of Victoria" mobile app.

  7. Archival research
    • Research data on trees that have historical significance.
    • Locate city and municipality data on tree purchases and plantings.